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Staffordshire taxpayers asked if they would pay more for police and fire services

Staffordshire taxpayers are being asked how much more money they would be prepared to pay for police and fire services in the county.

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Commissioner Ben Adams

Staffordshire Commissioner for Police, Fire & Rescue and Crime Ben Adams has launched a month long consultation which will run until January 4.

The commissioner sets services’ budgets, and determining the contribution residents make as part of their annual council tax precept and devises strategic plans for the fire and police services.

Mr Adams said: “As commissioner, it is my duty to secure effective and efficient police and fire & rescue services that ensure community needs are met, while commissioning services to prevent crime, reduce anti-social behaviour and support victims across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent.

“Last year’s cost of living rise hit residents hard so I decided to set council tax increases below the maximum allowed by government and below inflation. Even so, you provided an additional £6m for your local police and £1.9m for fire & rescue and this has made a difference.

“This year, many people have seen their pay, benefit or pension increase but balancing household budgets is still challenging. I aim to keep council tax as low as possible and will only ask for more in order to maintain or improve your police and fire & rescue service.

“While both services have sound finances, the future is uncertain with energy costs remaining high, international instability and the cost of servicing our national debt following the pandemic likely to restrict central government grants. Staffordshire Police and Fire & Rescue will continue to make savings and increase productivity but to secure their future, to keep improving service levels and provide the security we expect, it will require investment.

“So, I would welcome your thoughts. How much are you willing to contribute to support our police and fire & rescue services? Every penny you contribute helps to keep Staffordshire safe."

The precept consultation runs from today until January 4, to comment visit