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Neo-Nazi who boasted 'prison will not stop me' jailed again despite last-ditch mercy plea

A fanatical Neo-Nazi who vowed to keep on spreading online race hate as prison 'made him stronger' has been jailed again.

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Darren Fletcher

However, Darren Fletcher had changed his tune this morning pleading with Judge Jonathan Gosling at Wolverhampton Crown Court to show mercy for his "childish attention seeking".

Holocaust celebrator Fletcher, from Kitchen Lane, Wednesfield, was being sentenced for breaking a previous criminal and anti-social behaviour order for posting sickening racist and anti-Semetic tropes online.

Sentencing Fletcher to four years, Judge Gosling ripped into the 33-year-old's character and determination to incite race hatred.

He said: "You are not to be punished for the turmoil going round in your head. Private thoughts are not illegal but when your perverted hatred of minority groups is exchanged with other people the law takes a very serious view as you should have learned from previous sentences given to you."

Fletcher previously served a five-year sentence for being a member of the banned extreme right wing neo-Nazi group National Action in 2018.

Judge Gosling added: "Deterrent sentences are required for anyone who tries to create and encourage such hatred and division in a society which endeavours to be inclusive and tolerant.

"There are three reasons why your case is particularly serious, firstly the extreme nature of the material you were posting, secondly the sheer number of occasions you did it in contempt of your court order and thirdly your history over the last ten years of doing exactly what you have done on these occasions.

"I've read your letter to myself, you said this was a foolish mistake and childish attention seeking and you promise to keep away from social media in the future. However in my view, these are just empty words said to keep yourself out of jail.

"The pre-sentence report says you have no intention of changing your views in the foreseeable future. And this is the view of the counter-terrorism unit, the specialist counter terrorism probation officer, the national security division.

"Every effort has been made to control your behaviour but you have resisted it."

He said: "You put it starkly yourself in one of your posts, which I quote back to you: 'No matter how many times they send me down they will never change me I will just get stronger and more determined'.

"These are chilling words. This is why I am sentencing you to four years imprisonment."

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