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'It's absolutely terrifying': Walsall residents speak out after another night of anti-social chaos

Parents have been told to 'take responsibility' for their youths after another night of chaos in Walsall that resulted in a damaged police car and diverted bus routes.

Ryecroft Cemetery and Coalpool Lane, Walsall - bus services were suspended after youths threw bricks from the cemetery at cars, buses and police cars

The warning comes as youths were again spotted throwing bricks and other missiles at passing cars from Ryecroft Cemetery, on Coalpool Lane.

The recent night of chaos on Wednesday isn't the first time a police vehicle has been damaged by the bricks, with several police cars and other vehicles being damaged on the night of November 3, when cars were "pelted with bricks".

In response to the rise of anti-social behaviour in the area, we went to Coalpool Lane on Thursday to talk to residents about what they think needs to be done.

Walking down the street, I could see remnants of broken glass and scratched stones littering the street, with some bricks appearing to have shattered into fragments on impact with whatever target they were aimed at.

Martyn Davies, 83, a resident of the lane, said: "I didn't see it this time thankfully, but I have heard of kids throwing bricks into cars and buses from the cemetery.

"It happened to me last Christmas. I was driving down this road here and the kids threw a snowball at the car, but I think they put a brick in it. I got out of the car and told them, but I wouldn't do that [again]. You never know what might happen."