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Exposed by fellow motorists: 700 'dangerous driving' dashcam clips sent to police in just one month

Members of the public have sent police 700 cases of bad driving in just one month – after the force urged drivers to send in their own dash-cam footage.

The compilation video was created by West Midlands Police as part of their Operation Triton initative

As part of West Midlands Police's Operation Triton initiative, hundreds more drivers have been caught by West Midlands Police by footage sent in by the public.

In a shocking reveal, West Midlands Police said they received 734 cases of bad driving just last month, with 81 per cent of those cases resulting in a "positive outcome".

The 81 per cent of drivers received a mix of warning letters, educational courses, fines or court appearances. West Midlands Police went on to say that in cases where they couldn't act, most were because of lack of evidence, they had happened outside of the West Midlands, or they required further investigation.

In response to the numbers, West Midlands Police have created a compilation of sent in clips showing a fraction of the bad driving that currently takes place on West Midlands' roads.

Officers said that the recent success is a result of their bolstered submission review team, going on to say that in July of this year, they were only able to act on four per cent of the 325 cases they received.

Tanya Johnson, who leads the team, said: "We’ve seen a massive increase in the amount of submissions, and we’ve been working really hard to deal with drivers in the most appropriate way.

"We hope that by sharing some of the footage that’s been sent in today, it’ll encourage other dashcam and helmet cam users to send in their own images, and to make people think twice before they run a red light, use their phone while driving, or put lives at risk by other dangerous or careless driving."

The numbers come as police continue their Operation Triton initiative, which is crackdown on dangerous and reckless driving which was launched in August following a spate of serious incidents on the regions roads.