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Car re-seized after uninsured driver stopped a second time

A car has been re-seized and its uninsured driver reported after being spotted by police a second time.

The car was re-seized by police after officers found the driver had again been driving with no insurance

West Midlands Police have again seized a vehicle and reported its re-offending driver after noticing that the vehicle was still being driven without insurance.

Police stopped the vehicle, a black Volkswagen, on Wednesday, quickly pulling the vehicle over to find the driver still had no insurance policy despite being reported for the same thing only months prior.

On X, West Midlands Police said: "We stopped this exact car in August for driving without insurance. Again today, whilst out on patrol, we spotted it again.

"The driver still had no insurance policy. The vehicle makes its return to the recovery yard and the driver has been reported."

Officers first sighted the vehicle in August this year, after seeing the vehicle parked up with its occupants quickly walking away.

Shortly after, patrolling officers saw the car being driven in the Halesowen area and when stopped discovered that the vehicle was being driven with no insurance. The car was seized by West Midlands Police and the driver was reported.

The car was originally seized by police in August this year, with the driver being reported

Announcing the seizure at the time, West Midlands Police said: "We sighted this parked up and the occupants walked away. Shortly after, whilst on patrol, we saw it again, but driving in Halesowen.

"Vehicle stopped and had no insurance. It's been seized and the driver reported to court."