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WATCH: Trailer for new True Crime Series on Express & Star +

The baffling true crime story of Wednesbury and Walsall North MP John Stonehouse has been turned into an ITV drama due to be released next year.

You can watch the trailer below.

But Express & Star covered the story at the time, and the expertise of our journalists on this particular tale is second-to-none.

We've launched a brand new True Crime Series, offering a compelling window into some of the region's most infamous true stories, and the disappearance of John Stonehouse features as the first article.

The series is a collection of in-depth articles being released on a weekly basis, and you will never have read these mind-blowing, sometimes horrifying stories, in such incredible detail.

And if you don't want to read them, we've created audio versions so you can listen to each one at your leisure.

Below is a short video trailer designed to be viewed on a mobile phone, providing a glimpse of the real John Stonehouse story.

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