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WATCH: Catalytic converter thieves strike as music-lovers enjoy WV1 festival

Visitors to a music festival were brought back down to earth when they discovered their cars had been targeted by thieves stealing catalytic converters.

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The catalytic converter thieves in action in Wolverhampton

Vehicles were targeted outside Wolverhampton's West Park as it played host to WV1 Fest last weekend.

Thieves were seen hacking away at cars outside the park with circular saws in order to steal valuable catalytic converters.

People living nearby filmed the thieves in action. They can be seen climbing under cars in order to access the parts they want to steal, with one carrying out the theft while another keeps watch.

WATCH the thieves in action:

It's thought around 15 cars were targeted. The thefts have been reported to the police.

Mark Farney left the park around 9pm on Saturday and arrived back at his car to find residents telling him it had been targeted.

He has potentially been landed with a bill of hundreds of pounds to get the Honda CRV fixed.

Mark Farney, from Tipton, at the spot where is car was parked

The 45-year-old, from Tjpton, who cares for his parents and uses the vehicle to get them around, said: "People from the house came down the road to tell me it was my car.

"There were about 15 thefts over the weekend. It was mainly Hondas and Toyotas.

"They told me there was people under the car using a circular saw. I was advised not to drive it."

Police examine the car after the thieves had left

As if Mark didn't have enough problems, he then had to wait hours for a delivery truck to collect his car.

"Because it was a 4x4 I had to wait for a delivery truck. I didn't get home until 5.30am," he said.

Hundreds of rock music fans headed to West Park for the return of WV1 Fest, which had to be cancelled last year due to the pandemic.

West Midlands Police has now confirmed that two suspects have been arrested and bailed over the thefts.

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