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WATCH: 2,000-volt anti-thief van put to the test in Wolverhampton

We sent a reporter to test Ray Taylor's anti-thief device as the Wolverhampton electrician was due to meet with police chiefs.

Reporter Thomas Parkes got a nasty shock when he tried to open the van

An electrician who rigged up his van with a shocking device is set to meet a police chief over his design.

Ray Taylor, from Fallings Park in Wolverhampton, set up the device on his Citroen Dispatch in a bid to deter would-be thieves.

But now the electrician says he has been contacted by West Midlands Police to discuss the issue.

WATCH: Shocking van put to the test

The 61-year-old said: "I'm going to speak with the chief of police - he called me today and we're going to have a meeting.

"West Midlands Police has questioned it.– they want to know who has told me it's legal, but I never said it was.

"The police commissioner and the man at the top of West Midlands Police want to speak with me and discuss it – but it's a very grey area.

Ray Taylor, of Wolverhampton, with the van door that he has electrified

"There's fly swats and the kids can touch them – there's no warning on those.

"If the police make me take it off I think there will be an uproar because of those people who are for it."

'Ninety nine per cent positive'

Mr Taylor said there had been a lot of interest in the alarm, with 99 per cent of the feedback he received being positive.

"A total of 99 per cent of responses are positive and they all love it," he said.

"I've had thousands of requests to get it on vans.

Mr Taylor says he has been contacted by thousands of people

"It should be put on all vans because it's an epidemic."

The shocker was fitted to the vehicle after a series of break-ins, with any attempt to get into the van whilst its locked setting off an alarm.

Loud sirens blare as a signal for would-be offenders to flee while the system sparks into life.

And the device has now been copyrighted, with the electrician in line to get a patent so he can manufacture it.

The warning on the van

He said: "It's tradesman vans that are getting robbed - it's targeted.

"The tradesmen - that's who I wanted to protect.

"I'm like 'come on lads', let's get together and sort it out.

"It makes me angry.

"When you get up in the morning and you've got no tools in the van – your van is empty – and you can't go to work because you've got no tools.

"It makes you livid."

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