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WATCH: 90mph suburban police chase for driver without insurance

This is the moment a Birmingham man sped off from police at 90mph through residential streets because he was driving without insurance.

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Isa Hanif , aged 19, from Small Heath

Isa Hanif, aged 19 and from Small Heath, is captured on video driving through red traffic lights and even around traffic islands the wrong way in a bid to evade police.

Hanif admitted driving dangerously and failing to stop for officers, after he was spotted driving around Tysley in the early hours of August 1.

WATCH the footage here:

Police pulled him over, but while speaking to officers, Hanif drove off at speed and during the pursuit that followed, officers captured his driving on camera.

He was eventually stopped after he turned into a dead end and arrested.

Had he not driven off, the car would have been seized and he would have had points added to his licence.

Instead, Hanif, of Aubrey Road, was jailed for three months months at Birmingham Crown Court on Thursday.

He was also banned from driving for 12 months and ordered to complete an extended driving test.

Police Constable Rob Lattimer from the force’s road policing unit, said: “Hanif hit speeds of above 90mph and such reckless behaviour put himself and other road users at risk and it’s very fortunate no-one was injured.

“When officers stopped his vehicle, there was a struggle as Hanif tried to fight officers trying to arrest him.

“The vehicle was originally pursued on suspicion it was stolen, but the VW turned out to belong to a family member and Hanif only tried to escape as he wasn’t insured, which was absolute madness."