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JAILED: Thug wielding iron bar led brutal revenge attack

A thug wielding an iron bar who led a brutal revenge attack on a father-of-three who was battered around 60 times near the city centre has been jailed for seven years.

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Marlon Dell has been locked up for seven years

It followed an earlier assault by Marlon Dell, 28, on the same man that was so forceful that a passer-by, who intervened, thought he was going to kill his victim, Wolverhampton Crown Court heard.

Dell and Gary Hill had a history of hostility following a fight between Mr Hill and Dell's brother four years before, said Mr Mark Phillips, prosecuting.

On April 8 at around 2.30pm, Dell pounced on Mr Hill in Drummond Street by the Molineux stadium, hitting him with a concrete slab and shouting:"This is for hitting my brother."

Mr Hill heard his teeth crack and was blinded by blood from a cut to his forehead. Mr Phillips said: "It was only when a passer-by, thought to be a Wolves fan, intervened, shouting 'You're going to kill him, stop, stop' that he ceased."

Mr Hill had to have five teeth removed and a plate fitted in his mouth as a result of the beating.

Two months later on the night of June 6, Mr Hill was parking his Mercedes outside his flat when a dark Ford Focus pulled up behind him and the occupants, including Dell, set upon him with a hammer, wheel brace and iron bars.

Dell was heard to say 'Nice car, I'm having that' before repeatedly striking him on the arm and hand to get the keys.

In the ensuing 10-minute attack which only ended when a neighbour alerted police, Mr Hill was struck around 60 times, suffering cuts to his head, a broken arm and extensive bruising to his back and legs.

Mr Phillips said that although the others were disguised in hoodies, Dell did not try to hide his identity.

In a victim impact statement, Mr Hill said he feared for himself and his family. He was afraid to return to his flat, was unable to work and also worried about his parents' safety.

Defending, Mr Jon Row told the court that although Dell had a history of offending he had been law-abiding for the past five years with steady work, providing for his family, and had written a letter of apology to his victim. Letters from his employer, describing him as 'genuine and respectful', and from family members were handed to the judge.

Dell, of Greenwood Road, Oxley, who admitted assault causing actual bodily harm and attempted robbery, was jailed for seven years. An indefinite restraining order was also made barring him on his release from contacting Mr Hill.

The judge, Recorder Ben Mills, told him: "You are a man who can live a responsible life and be a responsible father. It is a sad consequence of your actions that you are going to spend some years without that."