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'Lowest of the low' burglar raided dead man's home

A burglar branded ‘the lowest of the low’ broke into and ransacked the home of a man who had died from a drug overdose just weeks earlier, an inquest heard.

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Burglars 'ransacked' Glenn Messenger's home several weeks after his death

Avid motorcycle rider Glenn Messenger who had a ‘heart of gold’ according to his step-father, was found lifeless at his home in Burntwood, on December 16.

The 50-year-old, who had suffered depression for several years, had taken an overdose of prescribed drugs, an inquest ruled.

But the hearing was also told that ‘within weeks’ of his death his home was raided and his belongings were taken. His family believe the culprit was looking to steal two expensive bikes and his riding gear.

Step-father Neville Jones said: “He had got a heart of gold. People took advantage of him.

“He would help anyone, even though he was ill. He will be missed by a lot of people.

“The burglary was a terrible thing. Several weeks after his death someone tried to pinch his two motorcycles.

“They ransacked his place. Took all his gear.

“He was a proper rider so it weren’t cheap stuff. Whoever did it is the lowest of the low.”

Sergeant Ruth Templeton, who attended the scene when Mr Messenger was found dead and gave evidence at the inquest, said: “Just over a month later a burglary was reported at the house where some of Mr Messenger’s belongings were stolen.”

She stated there was not thought to be any suspicious circumstances or third-party involvement in his death, however.

A post-mortem found he had various prescribed drugs in his system but could not determine how much, while he also had one and a half times the legal limit of alcohol in his blood.

Sgt Templeton also confirmed a ‘farewell’ note was found at the home written by Mr Messenger to his parents which contained an apology as well as instructions about who should receive certain belongings.

Coroner Andrew Haigh recorded the death as self-administered drug overdose.

He said: “In the overall circumstances I can’t be sure Glenn has killed himself.

“There is still some doubt about intent and some doubts about the cause.”

He added: “But on the balance of probability, what is likely as oppose to what is certain.

“Overall it is likely that Glenn has died from a combination of excess alcohol and drugs.”

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