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'Gather la Familia!' – Our review of Sing-a-long Encanto at Wolverhampton Grand Theatre

Fancy taking your personal rendition of that catchy Bruno ditty to the next level? Then Sing-a-Long Encanto is right up your street.


We gathered la familia for the extravaganza as it swept to Wolverhampton's Grand Theatre. The venue was packed-out with crowds of other die-hard fans, adults and children alike, all ready and willing to belt out their favourite tracks from the animated musical.

For anyone not familiar with Encanto it's a story of extraordinary Madrigals who live hidden in the mountains of Colombia in a charmed place called the Encanto. Every child in the family has been blessed with a unique gift – all except Mirabel.

You need to be aware before you book that this is not a live stage show, it's a screening of the film with a live host. Our host taught the audience some dance moves and how and when to use the props bag. There's no room to mess up the lyrics as they dance across the screen.

Props include a glow stick, balloon, cards and some plastic hand clappers – that work as castanets to the traditional Colombian music.

For our five-year-old, it was a perfect afternoon of dancing and singing with props to her favourite film – with many members of the audience dressed up as their favourite characters.

We loved belting out our family favourites We Don't Talk About Bruno, Surface Pressure and The Family Madrigal waving our props with the rest of the crowd.

According to Disney, the popular film has been restreamed tens of millions of times since its release and Lin-Manuel Miranda's soundtrack has topped the charts worldwide.

Its traditional and catchy tunes have certainly taken hold in our household as one or more of us are often caught humming along to its catchy music at any given time.

Our first Sing-A-Long proved to be an afternoon of real fun. It's not for the reserved or faint-hearted, you have to go into it ready to get stuck-in and fully involved with what is a truly interactive experience.

It's also not just for kids, audience members ranged from parents and youngsters, to groups of friends and every kind of Encanto-loving Disney fan in-between.

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