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Brace yourself for magic! Tom Brace bringing live show to Lichfield

After a sold-out run of performances at Edinburgh Festival Fringe last year, comedian and magician Tom Brace is bringing his unique stylings out on tour, and is heading to Lichfield Garrick Theatre tomorrow night.

Tom Brace

His unique blend of comedy and magic really does have something for everybody, and his new show, called Brace of Spades, nods towards the fun mix of styles that he brings.

Tickets for the show, which begins at 7pm and is suitable for over-eights, cost £15.

We caught up with him for 10 questions before his performance in the region.

* What is your experience of performing in the Midlands?

I’m a London based performer and this is my first UK tour so this will be my first time! I’m very excited to be sharing this show with Lichfield

* How do you prepare for a gig?

Typically we drive up, set the show up and do the show on the same day as driving back! It’s a pretty full on day so we don’t really have time time to prepare before heading into the show! I think I prefer it that way.

* What’s the best audience interaction or heckle you’ve ever heard? A friend of mine was gigging once and somebody walked up to the stage and threw an entire pint over him and ran out. It was so shocking.

*And what was the best response? The performer, without delay just went - “That’s my dad. Hates me doing comedy.”

* What are the best and worst pieces of merchandise you’ve ever seen at a gig?

Oh goodness! I once saw somebody selling miniature versions of their tour lorry. That was odd. Some of the best I saw, was at David Blaines recent London tour. I’m a big fan!

* What’s the best show you’ve ever been to?

In terms of magic as mentioned above I recently saw David Blaines UK tour. He was such a huge magic figure when I was growing up and his show was amazing. No fancy lights or set. Just him doing magic for two hours.

* What has been your best experience of life on tour?

I’m very lucky in the sense that my technical manager and producer are two of my best friends. We all travel together and have such a laugh doing this together that it never feels like work!

* What has been your worst experience of life on tour?

The driving. And I don’t ever have to do it. After an amazing show, you have so much adrenaline and to just sit in a car and drive home for 4 hours can be torture!

* What makes a great show?

Rehearsal and planning. I can’t stress that enough. You need to know what you’re doing. Even if you think you are naturally talented. You will be rubbish without rehearsal.

* Tell us about your current show.

My current show is called Tom Brace: Brace of Spades and is a high energy family comedy magic show. Featuring feats of danger, mind reading and some classic television game show parodies, there’s something for everyone.