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Legally Blonde, Dormston Mill Theatre, Sedgley - review and pictures

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The stage adaptation of Legally Blonde, the 2001 movie which starred Reese Witherspoon as the proud, pink princess, Elle Brookes, has certainly been a success, with many amateur theatre groups performing it over recent months.

Bilston Operatic Company’s Youth Group have taken to the stage this week, bringing Elle and her pals to life in a high energy, exciting production guaranteed to entertain all ages.

Legally Blonde is not an easy show to perform, as the dialogue is very pacey and oozes Americanisms, while the songs are wordy and aplenty, and yet, this group tackled the show head on with excellent results.

The storyline is inspirational, if a little unbelievable, but that’s the point. Legally Blonde is pure fantasy and does not pretend to be anything else.

Elle is convinced that her super-handsome boyfriend, Warner Huntington III is about to propose, but in fact, he is putting class and his career first and wants to break up with her.

Legally Blonde

Heartbroken and set on winning him back, the seemingly air-headed “Delta Neu” follows him to Harvard Law School, determined to win him back, with surprising results.

Phoebe Bruerton is just “Ohmigod you guys” as Elle, with an excellent vocal performance and confidence which certainly belies her tender years; and she looks great in pink – a must for any potential Elle!

Joe Riley as Emmett makes the perfect “geek to chic” transformation and again, provides superb vocals and strong acting skills.

There are several cameo roles courtesy of Ben Evans, but his comedy performance as Kyle the delivery man brought the house down. No spoilers here! You need to go and see it!

Ellie Harthill was in fine voice as Brooke Wyndham and the stunning opening to Act Two of the show, Whipped into Shape, saw her, together with the group’s team of very energetic dancers, execute complex, fast choreography to perfection.

There were surprisingly mature performances from Solomon Davy as love rat Warner and Ella Morgan as Vivien, who are both aged just 15 and yet portrayed the perfect power couple with ease.

A superb effort all round, but for me, Sally Griffiths as Paulette stole the show with excellent vocals, good comedic timing and a very natural stage presence.

I simply had to mention the doggie pals Bruiser and Rufus who made their entrances to a round of oos and ahhs, completing the perfect cast for this fun, frothy, fluffy show.

This is without doubt a strong, disciplined, hard-working group, all dedicated to producing quality youth theatre, under the watchful eye of a production team who clearly bring out the best in young performers.

“Ohmigod you guys” I loved it!

Catch Legally Blonde at the Dormston Mill Theatre in Sedgley until March 30. For tickets call 07798 792248 or email