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Man vs Fat: Black Country footballers scoring goals and losing weight

It's the football league that gives players the chance to score some goals while losing weight.

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Man vs Fat in action at RSA Academy in Tipton

And now the Man vs Fat players are celebrating after losing around 230kgs in weight.

The calorie-burning boys have seen up to 55 players shed weight with their love for the game and have just finished a 10-week season.

Organiser Mark Phillips.

Fitness trainer and organiser Mark Phillips, 39, from Tipton, said: "Since we have started we have lost around 230kgs.

"It started in September and it is a weight loss league so how it works is they get weighed in each week and whatever they get is a goal or half a goal added to each team.

"It is all about weight loss, it is all about football as well - it is kind of like a Slimming World group but for men.

"It is appealing for a lot of men because obviously, men don't feel comfortable about going to weight watchers and slimming group with a lot of women in.

"It is coming up with an answer for where men actually go to - the common factor to get men involved most time is football."

The men get weighed in and play six-a-side matches with rolling substitutes – so everyone has a chance to rest.

The group meet every Friday between 7pm and 9pm

Mr Phillips continued: "I am a coach but I also run a weight-loss business myself across the UK, I have done many different things but this is one of the things I really wanted to get interested in and bring into my portfolio.

"It has gone very well, the weight loss has gone extremely well.

"We have WhatsApp groups - the men talk all week about recipes, about supporting each other and what they are going to do to help each other.

"It is a communication system where they have all formed into teams, some very good friendships are forming and they are helping each other overcome weight loss problems.

"It is a great way instead of being isolated on your own.

"A lot of new Man vs Fat groups are popping up across the UK, it is raging all across the UK and there is about 30 to 35 Man vs Fat groups now.

"It is really engaging men's interests and we are just a small part of the Midlands side."

Meetings take place every Friday between 7pm and 9pm at RSA Academy in Tipton.