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10 pretty awesome portraits made from sandwiches

The creations by a US fast food outlet are making something of an impression on Twitter.

Some of Arby's creations

Of all edibles, fast food is not usually known for its pleasing appearance – but US sandwich outlet Arby’s is bucking the trend.

Admittedly not all of the meals you’re about to see look like they’d taste brilliant, but they are quite enjoyable pieces of artwork – made from bread and any sandwich filling you can imagine.

The creativity has proved popular on social media under the hashtag #MakeMySandwich, and here are 10 of the best they’ve come up with.

1. Patton Oswalt and Meredith Salenger

After the American actor and actress posted photos together outside an Arby’s, the outlet was quick to pounce on the opportunity.

Although it’s hard to tell if Oswalt’s feelings toward the piece were positive.

2. A lettuce-collared Scooby-Doo

3. A buffalo and a clever use of a toaster

4. A happy old couple

5. A company logo for those on a diet

6. A god of war and singed beards

7. A pig made from pig

8. A fast food advert squared

9. Tomb Raider meets bread

10. A beast made from beef

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