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Oldbury father-and-son dancing duo clock 175 million views on social media videos

An Oldbury father-and-son duo well known for showcasing their dance moves on social media have hit 175 million views on their videos.

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Jay Scott and Brian Kilgallon have attracted 175 million views on their social media videos

Brian Kilgallon, 76, and Jay (Jamie) Scott, 29, regularly post to video sharing platform TikTok, with people from across the globe having watched their dance routines.

It all started as a bit of light-hearted fun on Father's Day in 2020 when singing and dancing influencer, Jay, asked his dad to join him in a social media video.

With their videos rapidly gaining popularity, the pair set a target of 25,000 viewers in six months which they quickly surpassed.

They reached 100m views in May and have now racked up 175m.

Brain, who is originally from Smethwick, said: "It is just mind boggling isn't it. When we first took it on board it was for a bit of a joke really. I was on old man at 74 when I first did it – we never expected this.

"When we started in 2020, we set ourselves a target of 25,000 viewers in the first six months and then we achieved 52,000, so you can see how it has gradually got better and better.

"We have had an amount of 17m views on one of our dances. It is quite unbelievable to see what we have achieved in three years."

Brian, who has been working as a crossing warden at Rood End Primary School in Oldbury for the past 12 years, has become somewhat of a local celebrity in the local area, known to many as the "TikTok Lollipop Man".

He added: "It makes me feel nice when the kids come up to me and say 'can I take a photo'.

"I love it when people go past their cars and toot their horns and shout out 'TikTok lollipop man'."

The dancing duo have been recognised for their talents by a number of famous faces, including Beyoncé's mum, Tina Lawson, who posted one of their videos to her social media page, which clocked up more than nine million views.

They have also appeared on several television programmes, including Channel 4's Steph's Packed Lunch and BBC's Blankety Blank.

The pair can be found on TikTok under the username @Jayscotttttt.