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We went to Dudley Zoo to meet new spring babies - here are 18 photos of the adorable animals we saw

We visited Dudley Zoo and Castle to say hello to all of the new faces of animals born this year.

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Dudley Zoo and Castle staff were ecstatic when four baby reindeer joined their family of wildlife in a season that they are describing as 'a baby boom'.

Over the past year, eight new baby animals were birthed at the popular zoo, with a range of adorable new orangutans, lemurs, anteaters and reindeer all showing their cheeky faces for all to see.

And this week photographer Tim Sturgess and I joined zoo staff for an exclusive walk-and-talk to see the new faces that have appeared in the zoo lately.

The first stop on our adorable zoo adventure was to see the two new baby Bornean orangutans – Jim and Joe – who were born in June and July respectively.

The cheeky great apes were initially camera shy, however after a little coaxing with some funny faces they soon lit up, emerging to play with grandmother and mother Jaz, and father Djimat, on the monkey swings.

Watching the two apes play was a delight, with nearby schoolchildren marvelling at their playful nature. The two newest orangutan babies are a highlight of the zoo walk, amassing hordes of fans in only a few months.

Jim with dad Djimat
Jazz and Joe
Jim with dad Djimat
Jazz and Joe with Jim