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'How not to do a Christmas tree': Walsall shoppers speak out over 'shoddy' festive display

Unimpressed Walsall shoppers have said that a controversial festive tree that was erected for Christmas is "lacking the Christmas spirit".

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Josh Higgins gave it the thumbs down

Walsall unveiled its town centre Christmas tree earlier this week, sparking a debate over the festivity of the area.

The tree was erected outside The Crossing at St Paul's on Darwall Street, with residents and shoppers saying the conifer "looked like it was dragged through the street".

Walsall resident Melanie Powell said: "This is nothing like it was when I was young. It just seems like they have stopped trying really.

"I mean look at it, it doesn't shout Christmas spirit, does it? It's just a bit bad, to be honest."