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Dudley Zoo's tiny new primate twins given royal names in coronation celebration

Two cheeky baby primate twins have been given royal names to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III.

Lemur twins, Charles and Camilla, are still sticking close to their mum

Dudley Zoo announced that they are naming four-week-old black lemur twins Charles and Camilla after primate keepers discovered the two siblings are actually a boy and a girl.

Keepers came up with the names after baby Camilla started to develop brown fur. Despite the name, female black lemurs start developing a tawny brown colour a few weeks after birth.

Jodie Dryden, lower primates section leader, said: "We're really pleased to have both a boy and a girl, and we felt it was very apt, as it is the coronation weekend, to name the babies after the new King and Queen.

"Our little Charles and Camilla are making fantastic progress. At one month old, they're still snuggled up to mum, Barbara, but we're looking forward to watching them have happy and glorious lives."