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Bridgnorth Cliff Railway hitting the heights again after six-month closure

Having been closed for nearly half a year, one of Shropshire's most beloved tourist attractions has reopened.

Chief engineer Barry Evans at Bridgnorth Cliff Railway

The historic Bridgnorth Cliff Railway welcomed back visitors from 8am yesterday.

Transporting passengers from Low Town to High Town as England's oldest and steepest inland electric railway, the service closed last year and has since undergone major refurbishments.

Work has included recommissioning the winding gear and preparing the rolling stock and tracks to ensure a smooth ride.

A lack of use meant the lines had to be lubricated and tested several times in the weeks leading up to the reopening.

Covid news:

Cliff railway owner Dr Malvern Tipping said he predicted a steady increase in use as the public became familiar with the ease of Covid lockdown restrictions.

"Members of staff have been returning to their old routines and have been delighted to see the cliff railway operating again after having had to spend so many months confined to their homes," Dr Tipping said.

"Passenger numbers were subdued first thing when we opened, but we feel sure that we will get busier once people realise that we are up and running.

"People have been suffering from cabin fever for months and will be glad just to get out to visit the town, especially as more and more shops and other venues reopen."

All passengers will be asked to wear face coverings at the railway, which may initially operate with reduced hours.

Dr Tipping said: "We are planning to operate a full service, but if staff shortages reduce the rosters, we may have to close earlier in the evening as a short-term measure.

"In order to plug any gaps which might arise, we are seeking to recruit a couple of relief operators. All interested parties should contact the general manager, Mr. Braden, at the cliff railway office."