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Chance to be supernatural sleuth at Manor House Museum

A woman who burned to death and a monk who walks the grounds are only two of the spooky legends that will be explored on a ghost hunt around a historic house.

Craig Harris (Council Officer) at Manor House Museum

Manor House Museum in West Bromwich is opening its doors to people to come and investigate the secrets of the estate, which was built in the 1270s. and discover the supernatural secrets it holds

Abbey Butler, visitor service officer at the museum, said the building is so old that people always assume it is haunted.

“There are many stories people have come to know about the house,” she said. “One is that a monk walks through the grounds, another is of the ‘grey lady’. It is quite sad really, a lady burned to death upstairs in one of the buildings in around the 1940s. So people often associate these stories with the ghost hunts and want to come along

“People say they see faces through the windows. They also say there is a bearded man who apparently does not like men so pushes them down the stairs.”

The in-house ghost tours are run by the Friends of Manor House, who host numerous events in the darker months of the year.

Ms Butler said that the events are always well attended and some even last until 2am when professional groups hire out the museum for tours. They get a group of mediums in who will do activities around the house. It is so that our regular visitors can come and experience it.

“We also rent out the building to professional groups who want to explore because they believe it is haunted,” she added. They do mirror work where they get the guests to look in the mirror to see if anything appears.

“They also do table top work and put lights on the floor to see if they start flashing.”

The tours are sometimes an avenue for people who have lost loved ones or family members to try and contact them, Abbey said.

Other people may attend because they remember the building as it was used in the past as a pub.

The next event will be held on Friday, February 7and Friday, February 21. Tickets are available from:

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