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Ally Robertson: Keep calm and carry on? It’s easier said than done!

It’s crunch time. We’ve got three games left, others have four, at this time of the season anything can happen.

Oldham Athletic v West Brom - 1975/6

It just shows you with Liverpool and Arsenal over the weekend. We’re near the end and all of a sudden players start to think about it.

Whereas before they were just going out to play and win, now they are thinking about the prize. They might take an extra touch or whatever, and it works against you.

You don’t think you are, you don’t mean to, it can be subconsciously, but I’ve been in that position myself. You are trying to be precise and not make mistakes. That happens.

Whereas go back five or six weeks, we were playing as we wanted and everything was good. It’s very difficult at the end, however, when it means so much to the club and players. If the gaffer can keep us on track, get us to Wembley and get us up it would be absolutely brilliant.

Carlos has got to keep Albion relaxed, but also keep them focused.