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Baggies Broadcast - S6 E43: Easter disaster, nonsense theories and accounts reaction

Jonny Drury & Lewis Cox return with the latest episode of the Baggies Broadcast - sponsored by the Kettle and Toaster Man.


It's a downbeat podcast this week - as they conduct the inquest into Albion's dreadful Easter weekend double header.

They look at what went wrong, while discussing the situation with Albion still just five points off the top six.

Jonny gets angry and dispels a recurring theory behind Albion's bad form.

They look into the newly published club accounts and what they mean for the future of the club.

And they answer your questions regarding the ownership and where they see the club in 12 months time.

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Title Track: 'King Cyrille' by The King Dukes. (M.Griffiths)

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