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'We could get top four': West Brom fans on promotion, Kyle Bartley, Carlos Corberan and off field issues

Three West Brom fans joined Jonny Drury on this week's Baggies Broadcast to discuss all the goings on down at The Hawthorns.


Chloe Lane, Jacob Smith and Jack Coombs discussed a range of topics on the Albion, from the demise under Steve Bruce to the appointment of Carlos Corberan and the revival of players such as Kyle Bartley.

They also looked at the off field issues that have caused problems among the fanbase - and the Action for Albion group set up to shine a light on the club's problems.

Here is some of what they had to say:

Are you happy with Carlos Corberan and who else did you want to see considered for the job?

Jacob Smith: "He was the appointment I wanted. When you looked at the names we were considering, he was the standout. A young, vibrant manager who has done really well at Huddersfield, it felt the right fit for us, and thankfully the last three games have shown that he could be the right fit.

"Sean Dyche was the other obvious one, but I knew the minute fans were talking about him he wouldn't come to Albion. He did well at Burnley on some kind of budget, but it didn't appear he would have an awful lot to work with at Albion.

"If it wasn't Corberan I'd have wanted Dyche with what he did at Burnley, but I am happy with Corberan."

What have you made of the revival of certain players under Corberan, such as Kyle Bartley and Matt Phillips?

Jack Coombs: "There are a few players that have had four, five, six managers with the club and I wouldn't give them new deals, but in the last three games Bartley has shown he can be up there with the best defenders in the Championship.

"A lot of players have had chances at the club and I don't think we should keep them any longer, I'm not sure on Bartley but part of me thinks we would be foolish to let him go."

Jacob Smith: "Credit to him for the resilience he has shown to play as well as he has done. Credit for that because a lot of us thought he was finished after the Birmingham game and he would never play for us again, but he is back to form."

What have you made of the Action for Albion movement that has been trying to shine a light on the club's problems off the field?

Chloe Lane: "I think it has been a progressive movement and I think it is building, because of the fact we were mentioned on Sky was significant. The fact one of the main broadcasters has talked about the issue shows how important the issues are, but in a way what else can fans do?

"The problems are concerning and there needs to be more clarity. When (Ron) Gourlay came in, he said there would be more transparency but that has been non existent, we need to know more and that then creates more of a unity in the fan base.

"We are the ones who buy tickets and merchandise and if they don't show respect with us it will create a lot of problems."

Albion have won three on the bounce ahead of the World Cup break - where can you see them finishing?

Jack Coombs: "I think the best we can aim for is sixth, but I can't see us challenging higher and I think the most realistic we can hope for is top ten. We have to be happy with that, you can't ask for more if he gets us in the top ten."

Chloe Lane: "I am feeling cautiously optimistic and I'll say third or fourth, I hope anyway. There are a lot of games left, another good run and before you know it you are in the top half, and then what is stopping us from pushing for promotion?

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