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Mini entrepreneurs make loom band phone cases

Mini entrepreneurs have been overwhelmed with orders for their unique loom band phone cases.


Two sisters from Cannock have been making the covers from the latest craze and are selling them for £3.50 each to raise pocket money for their summer holiday.

Mum Michelle Winstone, from Stafford Road said her daughters Lia aged nine and Kerys-Mae aged 12, came up with the idea from playing with the small plastic bands and had six orders in the first 15 minutes when she proudly posted a picture on Facebook of their creations.

Mrs Winstone said: "It wasn't intentional to make them to sell them but the girls were enjoying making them and when I posted a picture online we were overwhelmed with the number of orders we received. Now we have had to stop taking orders and simply sell them as the girls make them because I am worried they will get bored of loom bands, like kids do and we don't to have hundreds of disappointed orders."

Each creation takes approximately an hour to make and so far they have made around 30 phone cases with hundreds more being requested.

The money is split evenly between the sisters who will take their pocket money to Cornwall for their family holiday and day trips.

The girls are pupils at Cardinal Griffin RC High School and St Luke's Primary School in Cannock and Kerys- Mae said: "I got bored of making bracelets and wanted to do something different. I was shocked to see how many orders mum received online, but we will probably make them until the end of the six weeks. It is something cheap and fun to do over the school holidays and I really like making them. The black and white ones are my favourite but we are trying out lots of different patterns and colours."

Mrs Winstone added: "Like most families, loom bands have taken over our house. I am finding them everywhere, the dinning table has been taken over and I don't know how many have clogged up the vacuum cleaner but I am proud of their creations."

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