LETTER: Labour Party not for workers now

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As a member of the Labour party for many years, I think I have the right to say what I think of the party and its leadership.

Jeremy Corbyn

The party is becoming a far-left uncontrollable machine ready to destroy the fair-minded people of this country – the Jewish people of this country cannot trust Corbyn or his cronies.

Because Ian Austin spoke out against Corbyn and the party’s attitude to anti-Semitism he has been threatened with disciplinary action and accused of abusive behaviour.

I have known Ian since he first started in politics, he is a man who can hold his ground in any argument, he will certainly let you know what he thinks but, abusive, never.

He even as an MP is a gentleman (is that sexist?). I know Ian will come out of this smelling of roses.

I am ashamed of what the Labour Party has become, it certainly is not for the working man/woman any more.

Norman D Caddick



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