Make pensioner poverty history

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We’re told we are baby boomers, when the UK never had a baby boom in the 1950s and 1960s and had the normal 2.2 babies back then. Us old ‘uns remember, we were there.

Then we are told we are living longer and so the pension age has risen to 66 (1950s born), then 67 (1960s born), now 68 (1970s born). Guess what, we aren’t.

One third of the top FTSE 100 companies with final-salary pension schemes slashed their future life expectancy last year, and this year a major insurance firm also has more future profit from folk not living to collect their pension.

The 1950s-born ladies denied state pension from 60 to 66 since 2013 (and men who lost from 65 to 66), lost around £5bn payment between 3.5m ladies for half a decade of non-paid state pension, whilst paying around £900m more National Insurance worker deductions/employer NI contributions. It means the National Insurance Fund is full and has been in surplus each year since 2013.

So for the next general election, when Labour have a turn in government, make pensioner poverty history, so we end up without the award of UK’s highest winter excess deaths in all of Europe, which include more and more the under age 64.

Revise Labour Manifesto to include:

– £175 per week state pension for all pensioner ages from 60 to 100 plus

– For 30 years National Insurance record, and

– For those retired/retiring from April 2016, regardless of the SERPs opt out (don’t worry, you won’t need to know what SERPS was, as abolished from then).


– Get back Granny Tax that was taken from those turning 65 from 2013, that was to pay for the very rich to get a reduced top rate of tax, that is being raised in Labour’s current manifesto.

Get the grandkid aged six years to crank up the computer iPad, to get onto my website to sign my petition, with the help of your granddaughter/son during this summer school holiday break.

Christine Williams, Stafford, from the PENSION 60 NOW Facebook campaign group page


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