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Peter Rhodes on remembrance, political friendships and nailing things to the ceiling

The blazers, berets and regimental ties are put away. The 80th anniversary of D-Day passes into history. For the time being, remembrance slips to the back of our national list of things to do. But not for long.

The 80th anniversary approaches

When it comes to commemorating military operations, there's something very special about an 80th anniversary. The human span of life being what it is, the 80th is the last big commemoration when any living veterans will assemble. No wonder there was a special sense of nostalgia and loss at last week's commemorations in Normandy.

Expect more of the same three months from now in another 80th event when, for the last time, the heroes of the doomed Market Garden campaign, the “Bridge Too Far,” will shake hands with the living and salute the dead at Arnhem.