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Peter Rhodes on a great horse, a dodgy deterrent and milking millions from our benefits system

When mobile phones first appeared, some of us feared that the radiation they emitted would fry brains, particularly those of small children.

Trident – deterrent or embarrassment?

Thirty years on, there's not much evidence to support this theory. But there's mounting concern about the dangerous content that kids are encountering, from depraved pornography to attempted contacts by predatory paedophiles. Young minds are being wrecked, not by radiation but by trolling, bullying, suicide clubs and the vile, darkest aspects of social media. This Government has failed to get a grip. Can the next do any better?

On the same day that shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves announced that Labour would crack down on tax dodging, a gang of five Bulgarians were in court for Britain's biggest ever benefits fraud. Using fake Universal Credit claims and other scams, they milked the Welfare State and raked in a cool £54million. With a benefits system as leaky as ours, the crooks will always win.