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Peter Rhodes on leaky borders, table manners and how the world's news agenda was eclipsed

On his trip to the States this week, Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron said he urged US support for Ukraine to make the point that “borders matter.” Has he been to the beach at Dover lately? So far this year, despite the awful weather, about 5,000 migrants have proved that borders don't really matter at all.

News? What news?

According to research, 60 per cent of Generation Z (they're the ones aged 12 – 27) think table manners are no longer important and 77 per cent don't see anything wrong with elbows on the table. I find myself wondering, in this age of grazing, browsing and sofa-picnicking, how many of them actually know what a table is.

Have I missed something here? Since when did solar eclipses become front-page headlines and main items on TV news? Why, on a day of huge developments in Gaza and Ukraine, were we treated to endless live images of excitable Texans and Mexicans whooping and saying this week's eclipse was awesome?