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Peter Rhodes on banning hounds, avoiding funerals and how money opens doors into Britain

In a two-party system (eg: Labour, Conservative) when there is not much policy difference over the big issues (e.g: migration, Gaza, Ukraine), then it's highly likely the next general election will be decided on much smaller issues.

So who's arriving now?

So don't be surprised at Labour's pledge this week to close the little legal loopholes on fox hunting and ban the pastime entirely.

Indeed, with so many loopholes still to fill, such as the ones allowing hounds to follow an artificial scent, Labour must be congratulating itself on imposing such a half-baked partial ban on hunting after Tony Blair's 1997 landslide. Twenty-seven years on, the issue still has the power to win and lose votes. How many thousands of animal-loving electors who weren't even thinking of voting this time will turn out on election day to support Labour, cunningly rebranded as the cute 'n' cuddly fox-friendly party?