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Peter Rhodes on bearded warriors, free ale and the joy of playing Thelma

Thames Water is probably best known for pumping 72 billion litres of sewage into the River Thames since 2020.

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Brigit Forsyth – 'the most enormous compliment'

According to auditors, the cash-strapped utility could run out of money by April. Proving that where there's muck, there's not always brass.

Keir Starmer promises that if Labour wins the next general election, it will not “turn on the spending taps”. Then what about the other sort of taps, the ones we find in pubs? According to the old song, when the red revolution comes to town, there'll be free beer for all the workers. Or has that been shelved, too?

After many decades of clean-shaven redcoats and Tommies, the British Army may be about to relax the rules and allow beards to be worn by soldiers, to aid recruitment. The decision rests with a board executive committee. I bet they call it the beard board.