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Andy Richardson: Time for us to stagger on to the next scandal

Are we over Doris, yet?

Charles led the way on how honours should be used

Do we really care that the Daily Mail is giving Mouth Almighty a platform and undeserved pay cheque for telling us that he tries to slim by taking a short-cut medical solution?

No, thought not. Though how very Doris, that he should avoid the tried and trusted route – eat a little less, exercise a little more – and instead try to cheat his way out of obesity.

While Doris gave his mates peerages, making them part of the legislature for the rest of their lives, on the back of sucking up to a dodgy, disgraced politician, King Charles III showed how it should be done.

Creating an Honours List that featured people from charities and community groups, and those in the public eye who use their platform to good effect, he showed how classless, corrupt, and disobliging Doris had been.

Because while the man who was kicked out of Parliament for lying about Covid and the man who honoured those who partied the night before the Queen laid her husband to rest gave gongs to disreputable mates, the King was looking at those who’d actually done some good.

The contributions made to literature by the beknighted Ben Okri and Martin Amis were extraordinary, as has been the contribution made to public life by former hostage Terry Waite.