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Andy Richardson: Wonderland world of former prime minister

And so to today’s instalment of Doris in Wonderland.

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Boris Johnson waves from his car

It is a story in which our disgraced and deceitful former Prime Minster presents himself as a winner who’ll save the day and reward all his cronies with knighthoods. Or something.

While Rishi gets on with the job that Doris was too narcissistic to attend to, the rest of the nation shrugs and wonders whether it can afford this month’s electricity bill.

If power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, then the absolute power that Doris once had has done its job.

And while the apologists whom he’d throw under a bus if there were tangible benefit trot out the line that Doris is a winner, the rest of us know the truth: No, he’s not.

He’s literally the definition of a bad loser, one lacking in grace and decency, one who throws his toys from the pram, one without humility or the ability to learn from errors, and one who we’re all sick and tired of. Poor old Doris.

He’s not even fronted up to camera, instead putting out a bitter statement against Rishi Sunak with talk of a “kangaroo court”. He was spotted fleetingly yesterday, driving from his home laughing and waving from the window.

The fact he’s no longer an MP should surprise absolutely no one.