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Pub installs barriers to stop stolen vehicles

A pub on a Wolverhampton housing estate has installed barriers on its car park to prevent drivers in stolen cars using it to access council-owned land at the rear, where vehicles have then been stripped and set on fire.

True Briton

Following a lengthy spate of car crime in the area, bosses of the True Briton in Ashmore Park, Wednesfield, have put up a large metal gate after being approached by local councillor Phil Bateman.

Councillor Bateman said he had received regular reports of stolen cars being taken onto the land at the rear of the pub, where unscrupulous motor thieves were dismantling them for spare parts and then setting them alight.

“I wrote to the council urging them to engage the owners of the True Briton to take steps to prevent these car crimes from happening. Drivers have been regularly using the car park as a way of accessing an open area of public space located behind the pub,” said Councillor Bateman.

“I believe this was happening because the company had not maintained their fencing, despite local calls for them to make the property safe.

“I think the the owners of the pub were pressing local sentiment to its limits by allowing these crimes to take place, but I am now pleased to report that they have responded by erecting a large barrier across the car park.

“Hopefully, this should stop these and any other similar car crimes from taking place. I am also pleased that Wolverhampton Council is looking to erect a similar barrier on the area of land at the rear of the pub that is council-owned property.

“This will strengthen safety measures and hopefully put a complete stop to this type of crimes in the future. I also hope that the management of the True Briton will continue working to improve relationships with neighbouring residents who have suffered as a result of this activity,” he added.

No-one from the True Briton pub was available for comment.

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