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Dudley Council election: Full list of candidates standing for this year's vote

Voters head to the polls in Dudley next month for elections that will see 25 seats up for grabs.

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The Dudley Council elections are traditionally close between Labour and the Conservatives

Traditionally a neck-and-neck race between Labour and the Conservatives, the borough has turned decidedly blue over recent election cycles.

The Tories now hold 45 of the 72 available seats, with Labour trailing behind on 23.

This year two seats will be contested in Halesowen South following the death earlier this year of Conservative councillor and deputy leader David Vickers.

Labour is campaigning for more funding from central government and highlighting perceived Conservative failings on a national level, including over taxes and Partygate.

The group has also targeted local issues including the loss of the Anchor Lane tip – which has infuriated many residents in the north of the borough – and the £100,000 spent on the MIPIM conference trip.

Under leader Councillor Qadar Zada, the dwindling group is desperate not to lose anymore seats after suffering a catastrophic set of results in 2021, when the Tories managed a dozen gains.

Labour believes that picking up councillors in a couple of tightly-contested wards – such as Halesowen North and Upper Gornal and Woodsetton – is not out of the question.

This year the party's candidates include Hilary Bills, who is back for a crack at Halesowen North, having lost her seat there last year.

Long-standing councillor and former mayor Steve Waltho is standing down in St Thomas's after serving for 24 years over two stints on the council.

In Castle and Priory, Councillor Alan Finch – another former mayor – is stepping down after 18 years and has been replaced by Keiran Casey, who lost his seat in Upper Gornal and Woodsetton in 2021.

Conservative leader Patrick Harley, who defends Kingswinford South, will be quietly confident of picking up at least another couple of seats next month.

Indeed, party campaigners believe that hitting 50 seats is not beyond the realms of possibility. Brierley Hill is a key target, with Labour in turmoil there after Councillor Zafar Islam was suspended over social media posts.

The Tories also fancy Brockmoor and Pensnett, which Labour won by just 47 votes in 2018, while Netherton and a couple of gains in the seats around Stourbridge have not been ruled out.

Mr Harley's group is confident of retaining both Norton and Halesowen South, where respective councillors Colin Elcock and Ray Burston were booted out from the party for making inappropriate comments.

The Conservative campaign is focused on continuing the regeneration of the borough as part of an overall plan for the next four years.

It has pledged to build on successes such as the new leisure centre, the transport interchange, the upcoming Metro line and the university campus development.

Voting takes place on May 5.

Current state of play: Cons controlled administration – Cons (45), Lab (23), Indep (3), Vacant (1)

Results last time these seats were contested in 2018: Cons (14), Lab (10).

Seats up for grabs: 25 (including one by-election).

*denotes party that won seat in 2018


Paul Bradley (Cons)*

Ian Flynn (Lib Dem)

Adrian Mabe (Green)

Rhianna Parsons (Lab)

Belle Vale

Peter Dobb (Cons)*

Sarah Furhuraire (Lib Dem)

John Payne (Green)

Savannah Southorn (Lab)

Brierley Hill

Ben Corfield (Cons)

Wayne Lewis (Libertarian)

John Martin (Lab)*

Austin Ward (Reform)

Brockmoor & Pensnett

Judy Foster (Lab)*

Mark Webb (Cons)

Castle & Priory

Keiran Casey (Lab)*

Mick Wolohan (Cons)

Coseley East

Matt Cook (Cons)

Marian Howard (Lab)*

Cradley & Wollescote

Tim Crumpton (Lab)*

Ryan Priest (Lib Dem)

Jason Thorne (Cons)


Bryn Challenor (Cons)*

Karl Denning (Lab)

Halesowen North

Hilary Bills (Lab)

Mitch Bolton (Cons)*

Mollie Priest (Lib Dem)

Halesowen South (two seats)

Jonathan Elliott (Cons)*

Tracey Gregg (Lib Dem)

Mahdi Mutahar (Lab)

Donella Russell (Lab)

Thomas Russon (Cons)

Tim Weller (Indep)

James Windridge (Green)

Hayley Green & Cradley South

Tony Barnsley (Lab)

Andrea Goddard (Cons)*

Ethan Stafford (Lib Dem)

Kingswinford North & Wall Heath

Jonathan Bramall (Lib Dem)

Sarah Daniel (Lab)

Ed Lawrence (Cons)*

Kingswinford South

Simon Daniel (Lab)

Elizabeth Geeves (Lib Dem)

Patrick Harley (Cons)*

Lye & Stourbridge North

Lisa Clinton (Cons)

Gary Farmer (Libertarian)

Pete Lowe (Lab)*

Abdul Qadus (Lib Dem)

Netherton Woodside & St Andrew`s

Lynette Corfield (Cons)

Elaine Taylor (Lab)*


Ellen Cobb (Lab)

Tony Creed (Cons)*

Andi Mohr (Green)

David Sheppard (Lib Dem)

Pedmore & Stourbridge East

Jason Griffin (Lab)

Simon Hanson (Lib Dem)

Angus Lees (Cons)*

Glen Wilson (Libertarian)

Quarry Bank & Dudley Wood

Chris Barnett (Lab)*

Richard Priest (Lib Dem)

Claire Sullivan (Cons)


Freya Ashworth (Lab)

Martin Day (Libertarian)

Shaun Keasey (Cons)*

St James`s

Kurshid Ahmed (Lab)*

Sarah Bothul (Cons)

Allie Miller (Lib Dem)

St Thomas`s

Nicola Fisher (TUSC)

Sajid Hanif (Cons)

Maz Qari (Lab)*

Upper Gornal & Woodsetton

Adrian Hughes (Lab)

Chris Neale (Cons)*

Wollaston & Stourbridge Town

Nicholas Barlow (Cons)*

Chris Bramall (Lib Dem)

Cat Eccles (Lab)

Max Lowe (Libertarian)

Ken Moore (Freedom)


Keith Archer (Lab)

Donna Harley (Cons)*

Elaine Sheppard (Lib Dem)

Key: TUSC = Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition