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Walsall Council Conservatives reinforce control and take one seat from Labour

Walsall Council's elections saw the Conservative administration maintain control and reinforce it by taking one seat from the Labour Party.

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Gurmeet Sohal elected for Paddock ward

Izzy Hussain won Blakenall from Labour with 809 votes to Matt Ward's 692. Independent candidate Dave Ward came third with 621 votes.

The leader of the Labour group, Aftab Nawaz, held his seat in St Matthews comfortably with 2,268 votes to Conservative candidate Vandana Sharma's 1,064.

It all meant that the Conservatives increased their numbers by one to 38, taking one away from Labour and leaving them with 21 seats.

Walsall Council election results

Aldridge Central and South: Cons hold

Bobby Bains (Cons)* 2,365

Kathryn Smith (Lab) 1,105

Anthony Harris for Aldridge North and Walsall Wood

Aldridge North and Walsall Wood: Cons hold

Michael Bruce (Lab) 965

Anthony Harris (Cons)* 1,690

Bentley and Darlaston North: Lab hold

Rose Burley (Lab)* 1,264

Sharon Felton (Indep) 378

Saghir Mohammed (Cons) 553

Birchills-Leamore: Lab hold

Tina Jukes (Lab)* 1,175

Amy Read (Cons) 868

Elaine Williams (Reform) 156

Leader of Walsall Council Mike Bird attended the count to see how his party got on

Blakenall - Cons gain

Izzy Hussain (Cons) 809

Dave Taylor (Indep) 621

Matt Ward (Lab) 692

Bloxwich East: Cons hold

Ben Hodges (Lib Dem) 141

Adam Mohammed (Lab) 660

Mark Statham (Cons)* 1,205

Louise Harrison for the Bloxwich West ward

Bloxwich West: Cons hold

Michael Coulson (Lab) 1,060

Louise Harrison (Cons)* 1,499

Brownhills: Cons hold

Lee Chapman (Indep) 265

Emma Morgan (Lab) 990

John Murray (Cons)* 1,206

Darlaston South: Lab hold

Paul Bott (Lab) 1,686*

Manju Gill (Cons) 451

Paddock: Cons hold

Daniel Barker (Lib Dem) 401

Rishi Sharma (Lab) 1,523

Gurmeet Singh Sohal (Cons)* 1,638

Shakila Hussain for Palfrey

Palfrey: Lab hold

Shamim Ahmed (Indep) 1,191

Shakila Hussain (Lab)* 2,101

Moz Khan (Cons) 613

Pelsall: Cons hold

Graham Eardley (Reform) 278

Patti Lane (Lab) 680

Edward Lee (Cons)* 1,707

Pheasey Park Farm: Cons hold

Matthew Barker (Lib Dem) 180

Hannah Jones (Lab) 881

Chris Towe (Cons)* 1,461

The scene during the count at Walsall Civic Centre

Pleck: Lab hold

Leyoh Goodall (Cons) 625

Ram Mehmi (Lab)* 1,739

Rushall-Shelfield: Cons hold

Jade Davies (Indep) 265

David Morgan (Lab) 1,074

Vera Waters (Cons)* 1,280

Labour delegates at the count

Short Heath: Cons hold

Amandeep Garcha (Cons)* 1,021

Simon Rollason (Lab) 843

Mohammed Yaqub (Lib Dem) 331

St Matthews: Lab hold

Aftab Nawaz (Lab)* 2,268

Vandana Sharma (Cons) 1,064

Roger Watts (Lib Dem) 303

Helen Paterson, chief executive of Walsall Council, oversaw the count

Streetly: Cons hold

Jennifer Gray (Lib Dem) 717

Eileen Russell (Lab) 659

Suky Samra (Cons)* 1,944

Willenhall North: Cons hold

Stuart Hodges (Lib Dem) 688

Lee Jeavons (Lab) 694

Rob Larden (Cons)* 986

Connor Horton and Simran Cheema were elected to Willenhall South for Labour

Willenhall South (two seats): Lab hold two

Simran Cheema (Lab)* 1,653

Poonam Gill (Cons) 729

Angela Hodges (Lib Dem) 233

Connor Horton (Lab) 1,462

Tony Sadler (Cons) 677