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Express & Star 2023 survey reveals fewer than one in 10 trust politicians as we go into election year

Trust in our politicians is at a low point, a new Express & Star poll reveals today.

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With the West Midlands a vital general election battle ground, our State of the Nation Survey reveals little appetite for either of our main political parties.

Boris Johnson stormed to victory in so-called Red Wall seats in 2019. The region was turned blue with Mr Johnson’s party taking both West Bromwich seats for the first time, along with the Labour stronghold of Wolverhampton North East, as well as Wolverhampton South West and Dudley North.

Rishi Sunak knows he must hang on to those seats if he is to stay in Downing Street for a new term.

But only 15 per cent of those surveyed on think he can win – and only 22 per cent say he has done a good job as PM after taking over from Liz Truss. While most say they wouldn’t like to see Boris Johnson back in politics, his approval rating as PM is almost 20 per cent higher than that scored by Mr Sunak.

The survey results reveal a disillusionment with politics and politicians. Only eight per cent say they do a good job, with 92 per cent believing they can no longer be trusted.

And, while Labour is widely tipped to win a majority when an expected general election comes this year, Sir Keir Starmer has a huge amount of work to do to convince people in the West Midlands he is the right man for the job.

Sir Keir used a visit to the Express & Star in November to pledge action on the cost of living, declining high streets and social care. But the survey suggests he has yet to capture the support of many voters.

While those polled dismissed Mr Sunak’s chances of winning, 52 per cent said he would be the best prime minister. That compares to 48 per cent for Sir Keir. And Tories will be buoyed by the question of how people are likely to vote, polling 45 per cent compared to 41 per cent for Labour.

Most telling perhaps was a question on prospects for 2024, with only a quarter saying they feel optimistic for the months ahead.

Full Results

How has the current cost of living crisis impacted on you and your family?

25% I have cut down significantly

53% I have been more careful

22% It has had no impact

Do you support the ongoing junior doctors’ strike?

33% Yes

67% No

Do you support the ongoing train drivers’ strike?

23% Yes

77% No

Would you be willing to pay more tax to fund the NHS and social care?

45% Yes

55% No

How do you feel about politicians?

92% I do not trust them

8% They do a good job

Has Rishi Sunak done a good job as PM?

22% Yes

78% No

Who has been the best PM?

53% Boris Johnson

16% Liz Truss

31% Rishi Sunak

Can Rishi Sunak win the next general election?

15% Yes

85% No

Would you welcome Boris Johnson back into politics?

42% Yes

58% No

Who are you most likely to vote for in the next general election?

45% Conservative

41% Labour

14% Liberal Democrats

Who would be the best Prime Minister?

42% Rishi Sunak

58% Sir Keir Starmer

How do you feel about your prospects for 2024?

26% Optimistic

43% Pessimistic

31% Not sure