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EXCLUSIVE - Theresa May's Brexit battle cry: Your Black Country needs you

Theresa May today called on voters in the Black Country and Staffordshire to back her as she vowed: "I won't let you down over Brexit."

Theresa May issued a rallying call to voters

Speaking during a campaign visit to Wolverhampton the Prime Minister insisted she was the only party leader able to take on an 'aggressive' Brussels in the upcoming Brexit talks.

She also hit out at Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn for lacking the leadership skills for the negotiations and warned he would give control of the UK border and laws to the EU.

Mrs May delivered a speech at Wolverhampton's former Low Level railway station before visiting the Express & Star offices on Queen Street.

She said: "The European Commission has shown the importance of the choice faced by the British public next week.

"They are adopting an aggressive negotiating position, which can only be met by strong leadership on behalf of Britain.

“Jeremy Corbyn is in no position to provide that kind of leadership. He has no plan to deliver Brexit, and he has already admitted he would give control of our borders and control of our laws back to Brussels.

“The Brexit negotiations are due to begin only eleven days after polling day.

"If I lose just six seats, Jeremy Corbyn could become Prime Minister at the head of a coalition of chaos, with the parties still arguing among themselves rather than negotiating for Britain.

“Only a vote for me and my team will give the country the strong leadership we need to get the right deal for Britain.”

WATCH: Theresa May puts Brexit at heart of campaign during visit to Express & Star

The Prime Minister said many people voted for Brexit because they wanted the way the country works to change in what she called a 'quiet revolution'.

She added that many people 'felt let down and left behind for too long' adding that she was committed to fighting 'for all those for whom life is more difficult than many seem to think or realise'.

"They do not ask for much. They just want to get on with their lives and to be able to do their best for their children. Above all, they just want to be given a fair chance.

"Because for too long – for too many people – life has not seemed fair."

Mrs May said that having the right Government in place for the Brexit negotiations would have a long term benefit for people across the region.

"For Wolverhampton and the wider Black Country what is important in terms of future investment and future jobs and the dynamism of the area's economy is first and foremost getting Brexit right," she said.

"But then we must also have a plan to build a stronger economy for the future."

Mrs May said that the election of Conservative Mayor Andy Street would benefit the region as he was 'actively engaged in encouraging businesses and encouraging investment'.

"As a Government we would also have a modern industrial strategy that will aim to build on the strengths of different parts of the country, identifying the expertise and the advantages and benefits of different sectors of the country," she added.

"Around here the automotive industry is very important for example. We want to ensure that encouragement for investment is there, but to do that we have to get Brexit right."