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Bedeo’s Land Rover EV retrofit tech breaks new ground with in-wheel motors

The Land Rover Defender will be at the heart of this new project


Electric mobility specialists Bedeo have created a new electric retrofit system that uses in-wheel motors to drive classics with battery power.

The company has introduced a new program called Reborn Electric Icons – with its intention to keep iconic classics on the road with zero tailpipe emissions.

Unveiled with a retrofit version of the Land Rover Defender,  the system centres around a 75 kWh battery, which gives an estimated 153 miles of range on a single charge. A standard 22 kW on-board charger that can achieve a 100 per cent charge in five hours. Bedeo can also provide optional 50kW fast charging which can charge the vehicle in 90 minutes. It’s a system which has been co-developed with specialists Protean Electric to ensure that classic vehicles aren’t restricted by their emissions.

Osman Boyner, founder and CEO OF Bedeo said: “The classic car community has warmly embraced the idea of converting their beloved vehicles to run on electric power through EV conversion.

“Through our Reborn Electric Icons program, we are committed to maintaining the original car’s kerb weight, charm, and driving dynamics while ensuring easy maintenance and delivering benefits of electrification.”

Customers are also consulted throughout the entire build process to ensure that the car is made to their exact specifications.

The Land Rover Defender will be the first model to be part of Bedeo new project. (Credit: Bedeo Tech)

While Bedeo has debuted this technology on the Land Rover Defender, the firm says that the in-wheel motors could be fitted to any vehicle ‘catering to any customer’s specific wants and needs’. It means that the system could be applied to any type of classic or modern vehicle, allowing them to run on battery power instead of the conventional engine.

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