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Women paying more on average for a car service than men – survey

A five per cent increase for female punters over males is being called the ‘pink pricing prejudice’.

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Women are charged five per cent more than men for a vehicle service, according to a recent survey.

The finding, discovered through a YouGov survey of 4,000 men and women by Caura, has led the car management app to call it ‘the pink pricing prejudice’.

The survey found that 59 per cent of women agreed that garages are catered more towards men.

Nearly half of all females in the survey said they felt rushed to approve additional work carried out on their vehicle and 45 per cent said that they were confused while doing it.

The team at Caura conducted a blind survey and contacted 100 different garages for quotes on MOTs and services – using the names Emma and Edward.

Each garage was contacted by different team members using the same vehicle. However, the results found in the survey were alarming.

Janice Pang, head of vehicle maintenance at Caura said, “Cars don’t judge their drivers whether they’re male or female, so why should garages? A one per cent increase in price (when looking at make versus female) in either gender swing is wrong, but when our research shows a five per cent increase (on average) on like-for-like pricing, we were shocked by prejudice in pricing for women.”

Out of the 100 garages contacted, 70 responded to both calls, but with a gender disparity. Edward was quoted £229 on average whereas Emma was quoted £241– a five per cent increase. In other cases, Edward was quoted £48 for an MOT, whereas Emma was quoted £49– a two per cent increase.

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