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These are the best Christmas markets for electric car drivers

Markets were ranked on their distance away from key cities and availability of chargers


Birmingham has the best Christmas market for electric car drivers, according to a new study.

Christmas markets have grown in popularity in recent years, with many now driving to ones away from their local area.

Peugeot has now ranked the best markets for electric car drivers, based on factors such as the proximity to the UK’s largest 15 cities, the number of chargers and also the speed of these available.

Birmingham’s Frankfurt Christmas Market came out top due to the fact it had the most chargers within a five-mile radius of the city centre, with 154 available, including 66 DC rapid chargers.

While Edinburgh is further away from most of the UK’s most populated cities, it had the second-highest number of chargers, with 104 available, including 31 rapid units.

Locations were ranked on their proximity to the UK’s largest cities and availability of chargers. (Peugeot)

In third position was York’s Christmas markets, which while only having 45 chargers close-by – of which 11 are rapid units – the city was classed as the most accessible, with 14 of the 15 most populated cities reachable on the 251-mile range of Peugeot’s electric e-2008, which was the parameter.

Further down the rankings in fourth position was Nottingham’s Winter Wonderland, which has 32 chargers closeby (25 of which are rapid units), followed by the Cardiff Christmas Market, which had 61 chargers available in a five-mile proximity, with 18 of these being the faster units.

Adam Wood, managing director of Peugeot UK, said: “Christmas markets are popular attractions to visit during the run-up to Christmas and our research shows the markets and cities in the UK that can best accommodate Peugeot’s electric vehicle customers, as well as other EV motorists.

“With over a million EVs on UK roads, charging infrastructure will play a significant role in where electric vehicle drivers choose to visit this festive period.”

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