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Fiat’s Topolino channels old-school charm into modern electric quadricycle

Fully electric model aims to provide ‘urban sustainable mobility solutions’.

Fiat Topolino

Fiat has revealed a first look at its new electric city quadricycle – the Topolino.

Expected to be based on the same platform as the Citroen Ami, the Topolino has been designed to provide an ‘urban mobility solution’ to inner-city drivers.

Exhibiting some of the styling touches that you’d find on the latest Fiat 500 – such as the round headlights and prominent badge on the front – the Topolino comes equipped with a mint-grey exterior colour and a roll-back fabric roof. There’s also a rope to act as a ‘door’ to the vehicle, though it’s unclear as to how many of these touches will make it into the production version.

Inside, there are fixed seats with cream-coloured pads, while the dashboard of the car appears to resemble a rolled-up picnic blanket complete with leather tie-downs. The ‘Topolino’ name is imprinted on the front bumper, too, while the wheels have the same split-colour design as you’ll find on the regular 500.

The name of the vehicle harks back to the classic ‘original’ Fiat 500 which was produced between 1936 and 1955. It was commonly referred to as ‘Topolino’.

Given it will share much of its fundamentals with the Ami, it’s likely that the Topolino will be able to return a range of up to 46 miles from a 5.5kWh battery. On the Ami, a 6kW electric motor allows for a top speed of 28mph, meaning that it really is restricted to use in urban environments where vehicles don’t achieve higher speeds.

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