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Audi’s Activesphere concept is a luxury electric car designed for off-road use

Go-anywhere model has been designed to carry two e-bikes in the cargo bed.


Audi has rounded out its series of ‘sphere’ concepts with the new Activesphere.

Following on from the Skysphere and Urbansphere concepts, the new Activesphere – which measures in at close to five metres long – can switch into a pick-up-like design at the touch of a button, opening a cargo bed that can be used to carry extra equipment such as e-bikes or winter gear.

The Activesphere is designed to suit a host of off-road lifestyles. (Audi)

Created at Audi’s Design studio in Malibu, USA, the Activesphere is a fully electric vehicle with a range of over 372 miles and incorporates fast charging technology courtesy of 800-volt architecture. This fast-charging capability means that a 10-minute charge could be enough to add up to 186 miles of range.

Headsets inside the car provide a view of the real environment outside and the plotted route, but they can also show 3D content and ‘interactive elements’ for both driver and passengers. These headsets can also relay all key driving information such as driving status and navigation, while passengers will be able to ‘see’ control panels and other displays.

The futuristic interior can be operated with a virtual reality headset. (Audi)

The exterior features 22-inch alloy wheels and plenty of ground clearance to help it to venture further afield, while chunky tyres with ‘contoured tread’ aid off-road driving too. That ground clearance can be boosted by 40 millimetres from the standard height of 208 millimetres, too, or lowered back to make on-road driving more comfortable.

Glass makes up a large part of the car’s body, too, while the front end of the car incorporates Audi’s famous Singleframe grille. This is flanked by narrow headlights, which have been designed to reflect the four rings of the Audi logo. The daytime running lights at the front and the lights at the rear both use ‘ultra fine’ LED technology, too.

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