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Dacia pokes fun at other car firms with its subscription-free hot water bottles

Free item is a dig at other car manufacturers offering ‘subscription-based’ access to features.


Dacia is showing its opposition to other manufacturers offering subscription-based optional extras by handing out free hot water bottles to customers as ‘Heated Seat Saviours’.

Manufacturers such as Volkswagen and BMW have begun offering various optional extras on a car that can be unlocked with a subscription, including heated seats and additional safety equipment.

Dacia says it is looking to ‘highlight its opposition to the growing wider industry trend of charging consumers a subscription to access in-car features’, through its ‘Heated Seat Saviour’ hot water bottles, which are being handed out for free at selected Dacia dealers at the start of February.

A release issued by the Renault-owned value car brand also pointed out that its ‘top-specification Sandero Stepwway, Duster and Jogger are fitted with heated seats as standard… and you don’t have to pay to turn them on’.

Luke Broad, Dacia brand director for the UK, said: “Our ‘Heated Seat Saviours’ are a bit of fun, but they do highlight the direction the wider industry is going regarding subscription-based access to features. Asking someone to pay extra to activate factory-fitted equipment certainly isn’t Dacia.

“We believe in simplicity, offering our customers technology that makes driving more convenient and comfortable with features included in a car’s initial price. Whether consumers view heated seats as essential or not, our commitment to value and a fuss-free ownership experience means that we will only ever ask them to push a button to enjoy them.”

Dacia prides itself on offering great value for money, with models like the Jogger pictured. (Dacia)

Those wanting a free Dacia hot water bottle can visit three dealers – Dacia Staples Corner in north London, Dacia Manchester or Dacia Swansea – on February 1 and 2. They’re available while stocks last, on a first-come first-served basis.

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