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Nissan’s Qashqai named UK’s most reliable car – survey

Crossover was praised for its practicality and dependability.


The Nissan Qashqai has been given the title of the UK’s most reliable car following a recent survey.

The Sunderland-built Qashqai was crowned the winner as part of the Which? annual reliability survey, which spoke to 50,000 consumers. It received a five-star reliability rating, with testers impressed by its practicality, dependability and family-friendly appeal.

Only available with hybrid powertrains, the Qashqai is also fitted with Nissan’s latest e-Power system, which offers a more EV-like driving experience but with the added security of a 1.5-litre turbocharged petrol engine.

Andrew Humberstone, managing director of Nissan Motor GB), said: ‘‘Reliability is often the number-one quality that people look for when purchasing any of our vehicles.

‘‘To have endorsement in this area from an independent and rigorous organisation such as Which? – not to mention 50,000 consumers – is a welcome pat on the back for everyone at Nissan who works to ensure the dependability of every car we supply.”

The Qashqai underwent many tests to ensure its reliability before arriving with customers. At Nissan’s Technical Centre in Cranfield, Bedfordshire, the Qashqai was subjected to a climatic four-poster vibration rig that can simulate three years of driving in just five weeks, with engineers listening for squeaks and rattles from the interior during the process. There are even dedicated setups that can repeatedly slam the doors to simulate a ‘lifetime of use’.

David Moss, senior vice president of research & development at Nissan Technical Centre in Cranfield, said: “We’re delighted that both real-world customers and expert reviewers have recognised the quality and durability of our fantastic new Qashqai.

“Our engineering teams put the car through a series of gruelling tests during its development phase to ensure the very highest standards of reliability, so it’s really rewarding to get this recognition from people driving them every day.”

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