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Aston Martin confirms new DBS 770 Ultimate

High-powered variant will represent the last of the DBS range.

Aston Martin DBS Ultimate

Aston Martin has confirmed that it will be producing a limited run, final edition version of its DBS flagship.

Though details are thin for now – ahead of the car being revealed in ‘early 2023’ – Aston Martin has stated that the V12 twin-turbocharged engine in the DBS will be tuned up to 760bhp, representing a significant hike on the 715bhp you’ll get from the regular car. The 770 in the car’s name references the Ultimate’s output in PS.

Even the standard DBS will manage the 0-60mph sprint in just 3.2 seconds – with power sent to the rear wheels via an eight-speed automatic gearbox – so it’s likely that the Ultimate version will be able to shave this time down even further.

As a limited-edition version, just 499 examples of the Ultimate will be produced, according to Aston. The British firm has also stated that it will act as the ‘ultimate finale to a bloodline’, which suggests that the DBS nameplate won’t be returning to an Aston Martin vehicle. The DBS badge was first used in 1967, before being resurrected in 2007 as a more focused version of the firm’s DB9.

Even though the standard DBS is capable of generating up to 180kg of downforce at its 211mph top speed, there’s a good chance that Aston Martin engineers will increase this on the Ultimate given the car’s additional performance. Expect additional aerodynamic tweaks and lighter materials across the board.

Given the extra punch that the Ultimate brings – as well as its limited nature – expect its price tag to far exceed the £257,000 one which accompanies the standard DBS.

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