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New BMW tech could help you choose where to go for dinner

BMW Natural Interaction will allow users to simply look at a landmark such as a restaurant and ask for information about it


Ever drive by a restaurant and wonder what it’s like? Well, if a new BMW technology comes to mainstream production, that could be possible.

BMW Natural Interaction is a system that would allow drivers to simply look at a landmark they’re passing by and ask for more information on it — for example, a restaurants ratings, menu and opening times.


It works by utilising cameras and microphones mounted in the car that can track body movement, with the system noting where a driver is looking. If called upon, it would use advanced mapping tech to work out where the car is and what exactly the user is observing.

This could also allow drivers to find parking spots that they can use and charges for said spaces. Think of it like a passenger who constantly has Google at their fingertips.


Natural Interaction would also allow a number of vehicle functions to be controlled by voice, such as opening and closing windows, adjusting ventilation and also controlling the sunroof.

Christoph Grote, senior vice president of BMW Group Electronics, said: “People shouldn’t have to think about which operating strategy to use to get what they want. They should always be able to decide freely – and the car should still understand them.

“BMW Natural Interaction is also an important step for the future of autonomous vehicles, when interior concepts will no longer be geared solely towards the driver’s position and occupants will have more freedom.”

BMW Natural Interaction is set to make a debut on the upcoming BMW iNext production car, which is slated to arrive around 2021.

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