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Zapp lifts the lid on high-performance i300 electric scooter

Cutting-edge two-wheeler can hit 30mph in under 2.4 seconds

The i300 can go from 0-60mph in under 2.4 seconds

Zapp today unveiled its all-new performance electric scooter – the i300.

Capable of going from 0-30mph in under 2.4 seconds, the scooter has been designed to ‘lead the urban transport revolution’, according to the manufacturer.

The i300 is powered by a pair of lightweight lithium-ion batteries linked to a magnet electric motor. A sizeable 587Nm of torque is sent to the rear wheel, which helps give the scooter its brisk performance.

Prices for the i300 start at £5,250 before the government’s plug-in motorcycle grant, which currently stands at a maximum of £1,500.

If the scooter’s batteries need to be recharged, they can be removed easily by the user and plugged into a conventional household socket.

Swin Chatsuwan, Zapp chief executive, said: “With air quality in cities worsening and our roads becoming increasingly congested, the world needs new alternatives to urban transport. With its revolutionary design, thrilling performance and clean power source, we believe the i300 is the urban mobility solution people have been looking for.

The i300's batteries can be removed to make charging easier

“There are already electric scooters out there, so we only ever intended to bring something highly innovative and hugely desirable to the market. There is nothing like the Zapp i300 from a design or functionality and practicality perspective. We are very proud of what we have created and think commuters will like it as well.”

To extend the scooter’s range, which Zapp estimates to be around 30 miles, regenerative braking has been fitted. This allows kinetic energy to be turned into battery power when the rider shuts the throttle while moving.

The i300 also features a cross-drilled vented front disc brake plus a four-piston calliper and ABS, with both combining to give impressive stopping power.

The scooter can be secured by placing a £500 deposit from today – the opening date of the Norwich-based company’s order site. First deliveries are expected to start in the second quarter of 2019.

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